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Cape of Good Hope International Logistics History

Shenzhen Cape of Good Hope International Logistics Co., has a long history. The European space exploration after the southwestern tip of Africa is very famous headland "Cape of Good Hope" and thus began a brilliant development. We exploring international logistics marketing, we believe that using our freight forwarding services tomorrow your business will be more and more better. “Cape of Good Hope international logistics” will create a brilliant history in the new global logistics market

The Company Culture

unite and help each other, study earnestly,  care for collective, integrity and treats others.

Cape of Good Hope Philosophy

Work a harvest; Education never ceases;there is no royal road to size, there is no end to learning work .

Our Team

The founder of the company came from the earliest professional talents who opened international logistics management in Chinese universities. The team of the company comes from various colleges and universities. The company hired famous domestic logistics experts and professors to guide the specific work and development direction of international logistics, and advanced international logistics theory combined with practice. Every year, many international logistics graduates write their theses with reference to our practical logistics work. We also continue to learn and progress in the communication with them, and constantly improve service and logistics methods to create more value for our customers.

Our Services

Take care of each shipments,trustworthy!

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Our Office

office elegant environment,Everyone is equal.

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