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Consolidated Shipment services for you buy from Aliexpress, Taobao, 1688 China, and the best consolidated shipping company in Shenzhen yiwu shanghai guangzhou ningbo qingdao,more than 10000 m warehouse, free receceive from different suppliers, handle sea or air freight dropshipping to the FBA US Canada Australia UK germany,

Export of cargo with the electricity supplier is going to develop new international logistics services. Consumers from all over the world are getting smart; they now know where to buy good products at low prices. They know where other people are buying and what the factory and wholesale prices of products are. People know that prices of products are higher in malls than the manufacturer’s prices, so people want consolidated shipment a lot of now.

The China’s “Belt and Road” project is going to promote the globalisation of business. And that will provide an environment of trust and recognition to China, the friends of China and its Shopping world. More and more people around the world are buying goods directly from online stores like Aliexpress, Taobao, 1688 China. And also from the most popular wholesale websites like Jingdong,, Guangzhou Baiyun service Wholesale Market, Yiwu small commodity wholesale market, Chinese Huaqiang north electronics Wholesale market etc. That is why a huge change has occurred in the Export freight services of China as well as in the Trade ways. This is why have new international logistics way-consolidated shipment.

The primary focus of all above mentioned Chinese shopping platforms is on the domestic market of China. Because the logistics services can only provide domestic delivery of goods. Due to the complex and complicated procedures of foreign export, all the goods bought from the foreign market are exported to the freight warehouse. And after the consolidated shipment, the goods are delivered to buyer’s home.

The Warehouse Export companies need international connections and professional knowledge about international freight transportation services. The Good Hope international Logistics Company provides these transportation consolidated shipment services in China, and that is the most prominent advantage. Good Hope saw the vision of Cargo Export 10 years ago, and since then, we are in the actual process of providing cargo exports to our clients. Good Hope has improved the Chinese Cargo Export service drastically over these years, and that is why it is leading the export cargo industry. Due to our knowledge and expertise in this field, we know about every logistics route and select the optimal International Logistics route for our clients.

Why You Should Choose Our Consolidated Shipment Services

As mentioned above, we have an experience of 10 good years in the field of consolidated shipment services. Our team of highly skilled and trained professionals work 24/7 to provide the clients with an ease and comfort about their shipment needs. Some of the main advantages of using our services are:

  • The biggest provider of Export Cargo: The traditional International cargo transport agents do not provide cargo export services. They usually just pay attention to booking, trailers, and customs clearance. On the other hand, we also provide highly affordable and reliable Cargo Export services.
  • Safety: We provide highly reliable and completely safe transportation consolidated shipment service. We are a trusted name in the world of Logistics, and that is why our services are highly professional and trusted. We also provide Warehouse management, Safe personnel operation and we assure our clients with the safety of quotation.
  • Low cost: We offer highly competitive prices which are affordable for everyone. Comparing to Taobao official cargo and customs supervision warehouse, Hong Kong Cargo and Foreign Cargo agents our prices are guaranteed competitive.
  • Professional warehouse: Our warehouses are by the government’s warehouse rules and regulations. The warehouses are equipped with all kinds of protections including fire protection. We have 24 hours monitoring of warehouse and 3PLP management.
  • High efficiency: We believe in quality customer experience, and for that, we provide our customers with highly efficient delivery services. We also provide an effective communication to our customers.
  • Diversity: We work in diversity regarding the delivery areas. We provide Cargo Export services in virtually all territories of China.