import shipping

Import shipping from all over the world to China

Export goods to China, the professional import freight forwarder in local Shenzhen, air cargo ,railway / shipping container /LCL from USA Canada Australia Europe to Shenzhen Guangzhou Shanghai Xiamen, provide import customs clearance services, other local logistics services to door.

China’s economy is continuously developing with time and becoming more and more robust making improvements in people’s living standards. Due to these changes, the demand for Chinese material is higher than ever. And not only regarding the domestic product, but the demand for foreign items is also increasing more and more. Now in addition to street shops and supermarkets, the online shopping platforms like Aliexpress, Jingdong, Taobao,, Tmall etc. are also offering easy to buy products. These shopping platforms have made people’s life very easy and have provided every product within their grasp. This is the reason that people are buying more and more just because the products they exactly want are available either on street shops or on online stores.

The import and transportation of all of the products purchased by people in whole China must be handled by professionals who not only have links in China but also with the ports of other countries. The best bet for this purpose will be the use of professional International Freight Forwarders to transport and deliver the product into consumer’s hand safely and smoothly. To carry out this very purpose in a completely professional manner, our company is committed to providing International Import transportation services to Import Traders.

Main products of international import

The international import has a diversity of products. There are products of different types, sizes and qualities which are imported to China on daily basis. However to name a few main products, look at below:

  • Food: Food has always been a bigger and crucial part of international import. There are numbers of food products transported to China on a daily basis including chicken wings, chicken, seafood, milk, fruits and so on.
  • Wine: Another main area of international import is the transportation of Wine, and the main wine products that are imported on daily basis are red wine and foreign wine
  • Electronic products: There are hundreds of electronic items internationally imported to China on a daily basis. Consumers love by electric appliances and gadgets online, and that is the reason that this area of international import is pretty strong. The imported products also include circuit boards and other electronic accessories
  • Machinery: Some large and heavy machines and also some small but high quality and expensive machinery is internationally imported to China on a daily basis and includes large equipment, medical equipment, used machinery etc.

What services does import logistics provide?

Our team of professional and highly skilled personnel are striving day and night to provide a quality international import and transportation experience to our clients. Our areas of expertise are of diversity in nature but to name a few of our main services, look at below:

  • International Air Transport: We have a close contact and cooperation with the world's major international airport freight forwarders. We can provide import services from the world's major airports to Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong through international air import transportation services.
  • International shipping FCL: We have good relations with COSCO International. Through the FCL import, we can directly import in the local Chinese booking and also the warehousing of paper you provided to foreign suppliers. The goods are imported into the main ports along the coast.
  • International shipping LCL: Less than one container cargo can be imported through the sea by LCL service transportation.
  • International express: With the use of our Hong Kong FedEx and TNT express accounts, it is easy to transport goods. You only need to order in China and courier companies will come to pick up the goods across the globe. And then the goods will be sent to Hong Kong warehouse, and then from Hong Kong to the mainland.
  • Import customs clearance service: If your goods are imported to the port of China, and your company has no import authority, we will provide import rights and help customs clearance. If you have import documents, we can provide clearance procedures. Our clearance procedure is straightforward and can be done in a very swift way.