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International Logistics Knowledge

learning and understanding relevant international logistics knowledge, it is good for whom doing import or export business in the world. The international knowledge articles author in our website whom come from the Chinese's greatest university, “International Logistics Management Major”. From a professional perspective elaborated something about international logistics knowledge.

International logistics knowledge Chinese - English words

Some International logistics English words translate into China. English vocabulary frequently used in daily work. Understanding and learning, it is good to communicate with the customer business, operation easier to understand and shipping company airlines to provide documents and words

Shipping Companies Abbreviation for common expenses

Short of expenses which from shipping companies, especially the words used in international shipping operations。

the import and export Requirement from the world.

  • North America: the United States, Canada
  • South America: Mexico, Brazil, Chile
  • Europe: Britain, France, Italy, Poland
  • Australia: New Zealand, Australia
  • Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Pakistan
  • Southeast Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India