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international DDU & DDP Logistics Services

DDU DDP Logistics services between China and Singapore USA Canada Australia UK Germany France italy by less than container shipping cheap per kg or per CBM sea freight or raildway, personal ship from China or whom sell onlines, shipping to Amazon fba warehouse, provide warehouse in Shenzhen Consolidate from different factories then ship to your door.

International logistics also called the international freight line, refers to the customs clearance of international logistics transportation between the two countries. The international transportation is handled by two freight forwarders to provide door-to-door transport services. The main advantage is that the carrier only needs to provide the goods, the packing list and invoice. And all the other jobs are handled by the international freight forwarder. And the consignee only needs to wait for the goods to be received. It saves you from all of worrying and trouble; the shipping service is that simple.

With the international freight transport, a collection of Chinese goods is transported by collecting goods of different customers and creating a packing list and invoice. The whole process is carried out in accordance to the declaration of goods export transportation. In this way, many documents cost, customs declaration costs and LCL costs are saved. If you go by air, one big ticket for a container of all goods will be cheaper than different smaller tickets for goods separately.

The international freight forwarders of different countries have also declared import taxes according to one ticket good and pay taxes, to save the expenses which would’ve been spent on many tickets. They, then unpack the goods in their warehouses and provide a complete transport of the goods to the consignee.

Advantages and disadvantages of international logistics Special line


  • 1. Simple: Straightforward freight structure, usually charged by a cubic meter volume of the cargo or by the weight of the cargo. In addition to this charge, nothing else is charged. The traditional international shipping or international air transport will charge a lot of fees.
  • 2. Low Total Cost: Provides very affordable costs. If your client is doing EXW with you then, compared to other customers, according to your choice of international logistics line, the total transportation costs will be relatively low.


  • 1. Unstable Lines: Sometimes the service is available, and sometimes there is no service. It is not the same as the ocean shipping schedule.
  • 2. Unstable timing: Sometimes, the delivery timeliness is not up to the mark. The cause of this delay and unstable timing may be because of the clearance or loading and unloading of the goods of the same batch. Or may the cargo agents are not available in quantity needed to take off the cargo when it arrives or departs.

How to choose the right international logistics line

Choose your international special line according to the specific circumstances of your goods and the destination of the consignee rather than letting other channels to decide. Keep in mind that not all goods are suitable for special line service. If the size of goods is small and between 3 cubic meters to 0.5 cubic meters then the cost of international air freight will be very high. Choose the LCL port as the port of destination it will save various expenses projects so the total cost will not be that high.