China railway express

China railway express

Container shipping by train from zhengzhou guangzhou xian chengdu chongqing shenzhen shanghai yiwu to UK Germany Poland france italy Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg Hungary Belarus Russia 40 HQ or LCL than container export or import 2021 the biggest booking agent

Destinationa including: Hamburg / Munich / Liege / Warsaw / Duisburg / Helsingborg / Paris / Milan / Leon / Prague / Budapest / Brest / Minsk / Saint Petersburg

Since Xi Jinping supported the “Belt and Road” construction, Chinese revival of “Silk Road” is going to happen for sure. China is quickly making trade development with Russia, Belarus, Central Asia and European countries. This expansion of commerce has an urgent need for logistics department. And the development of logistics department needs the idea of robust logistics infrastructure.

In recent years, China has invested a lot of money in the construction of Railways leading to Europe. Up to now, it has basically opened up the railway lines leading to Europe in all the major directions of the country. China has increased the railway container export yard, customs inspection and inspection window, improved the efficiency of international railway customs, and is cooperating with the central Europe class to do the release work. Moreover, China has also increased the turnover of the container. The logistics facilities and related services in China are quite sufficient to meet the current market demand.

Services of China railway express

China Railway provides various services for International Cargo transportation. These services are to ensure that the goods travel with safety and efficiency. Some of the primary services of China Railway Express are:

  • China railway express provides the transportation of Whole railway container as well as the ordinary standard container.
  • It also provides the transportation of goods which are not enough to fill a container through railway consolidation service.
  • It also provides rail transport services for refrigerated containers, freezers, refrigerated goods and equipment and also for the transportation of basic equipment.

The problems with China railway express

Although there are numbers of benefits of using China Railway Express but due to some factors, it also has some drawbacks which are not addressed yet. Some of the major problems are:

  • The track standards of most countries are different. Rail tracks in China and Europe are the same, but different in Russia. And all the trains need to go through Russia, so the trains need to change boxes when they get to Russia. And the trains already present in Russia also need to change boxes. This increases the cost of rail transportation.
  • The problem with railway technology is that it cannot keep up with the rapid demand growth of international railway transportation. If the refrigerator is transported for about 15 days, the normal tank is filled with oil to support the whole process of cold storage. Transportation in the middle of Shanghai customs needs inspection which takes a long time and cannot guarantee the cold storage will remain cold at that time. So, if you can't refrigerate the whole product, it's easy to go bad and can cause huge losses.
  • International railways in different countries do not have a unified bill of lading, just like international shipping. Therefore, the bill of lading issued by Chinese Railways cannot be used directly in the European destination.
  • Railway also faces stability problems because of the classes which are sometimes temporarily fixed for less than a week.
  • The problem of freight volume occurs because the train is sent loaded from China to Europe. But when it returns, the train is usually empty, and that means the fuel for one side will be wasted in the trip.
  • Rail loading and unloading in Europe also causes delay. The International transfer train stations, especially Mara Sh Vecchi in Europe, do not have enough cargo handling capacity. Which results in the postponement of unloading of the train and causes the train to queuing for several days or longer.