Freight value-added

International Logistics Knowledge

international Freight Forwarder value-added services Container truck Customs clearance distribution warehouse pick up, for sea shipping container, air freight from Shanghai Xiameng Shenzhen Guangzhou xian chongqing ningbo dalian. handle door to door logistics for your business.

As professional international freight forwarder, we not only provide sea freight air cargo booking services, but also  offer a complete set of international logistics solution to our clients whom import from China. There too many processes shipping from China to other countries, each process need professional people to communication.

In order to deliver prompt and considerate shipping freight services to out clients, our company have blow international Freight Forwarder value-added services


Container Track

Container truck services is truck the shipping container from seaports to factory load the cargo, back to the port. Our this services cover all the ports of China.

One container truck, Two small 20 FT container truck, load ceramics heavy container ...

Export Customs clearance services

Including full container shipping declaration for export tax rebates, Less than container Customs clearance, DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT export declaration.

Air cargo customs clearance, services local in Shanghai airport, Shenzhen airport, Guangzhou airport, Beijing airport...

Customs clearance for the shipper doesn’t have right, doesn’t have clearance documents, We buy for they.

consolidation warehouse 

Provide local consolidation warehouse services to whom are foreigners or buyer whom not in China. Cheap, good services, it is you the best choice.

Taob consolidation warehouse, Jindong consolidation warehouse, consolidation warehouse...

Packaging and sorting, labels. Choose right air freight, sea freight, international express. Free storage.

General staging warehouse

We have General staging warehouse near the harbour in Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian.

Distribution and Sorting

`Follow client’s order choose shipping way distribute the packages to different consignee. Especially serve the Amazon seller and whom doing in net in E-commerce. They buy from China, and stores in our warehouse, when the clients buy one from your website, we ship out your the package immediately.

Export fumigation

Provide professional export fumigation service. It can be arranged for fumigation and disinfection, and also can be carried out in the sea terminal yard. Fast line fumigation certificate.


Inspection prior to shipment of goods by Egypt。

kinds of documents for clear in port of destination